ECU repairs for all major European brands: TP1919 does it

ECU, an indispensable part in every truck. Without this electronic engine management system, vehicles stand still. has been carrying out quick repairs to these ECUs for years, to the great satisfaction of our customers worldwide. Thanks to our extensive range of reused components, we can carry out ECU repairs quickly and economically. We offer an excellent price/quality ratio for this.

ECU repairs: frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What to do if a repair fails?

We can use our exchange system for a flat fee. Even if a repair takes too long.

How long does a repair take? 

That depends on the type and model of truck, but you will be kept informed in the interim.

Do you also offer warranty on the repair? 

We offer a 3-month warranty on the part we replace during the repair.

Do you provide a quote without an examination? 

We work with fixed prices per type of device. We ask about the type of error message in advance to determine if the device is defective.  

Do you have a list of all the control units you can repair? 

Yes, we do! Want to know if your control unit is included? Please contact one of our colleagues here.

How do you receive my control unit?

To ship the control unit, it must be packed securely and shockproof so that it will not be damaged in transit. You can send the package to the following address: Industrieweg 2, 4214KZ in Vuren (The Netherlands).

Who is responsible for the shipping costs? 

As the customer you are responsible for the shipping costs, they are not included in the price.

Can you also do a pre-check remotely? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to perform a remote pre-screening at this time.

What do I have to do?

To send in your control unit for repair, please fill out the attached form. In order to process your form as quickly as possible, please also fill out the form with the details of the error and the error codes. This way, we will immediately have all the information we need to determine what repair is needed on your ECU. 

About us is an independent company operating from a central location on the premises of Kleyn Trucks and Trailers in Vuren in the Netherlands. Our specialty is the supply of used and new parts, 24 and 12 volt, for all major European brands. Before the used parts are offered back on the market, we subject them to a thorough inspection to ensure their proper functioning. By working with used parts, TP1919 contributes to a sustainable and circular maintenance.

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