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Truck & trailer parts specialistNew and used parts

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Return and Refund

    1. The goods supplied by PARTS shall meet the specifications as set out in the corresponding agreement. No guarantee shall be given, unless otherwise indicated in the agreement and unless a manufacturer’s warranty is given in which case PARTS gives no further or other warranty than said manufacturer’s warranty

    2. Where client calls upon the guarantee given by PARTS in the corresponding agreement and  makes a claim, PARTS shall assess the claim and if applicable, deal with the claim taking into account the provisions in the agreement in this respect. Guarantee claims cannot be transferred to third parties.

    3. Subject to lapse of its claim, client must inspect the goods upon delivery in order to evaluate whether there are visible defects. Claims regarding the invoiced amount or visible defects must be made in writing to PARTS within 3 days after receipt or delivery, giving an accurate description of the complaints. For all other claims, a period of 5 days after the defects became known or should have become known shall apply. If client fails to notify PARTS in time as meant in this article, client looses its right to claim under the warranty. The goods in question must be made available to PARTS upon PARTS’s first request for examination in the state they are in at the time of the claim.

    4. Claims under the warranty cannot be made if:

        • the goods have been used for purposes other than for which they are normally intended, or in the opinion of PARTS have been used or transported improperly or have been repaired, altered or adjusted by client or a third party;

        • the damage has been caused by negligence of client (for example by insufficient or incorrect maintenance or storage) or by client having acted contrary to instructions, indications and advice of PARTS;

        • the claim relates to parts which are subject to normal wear tear, parts of which the seal has been broken or accessories;

        • client has not fulfilled its obligations towards PARTS (both financially and otherwise).

        • client upon discovery of the defect has failed to take all actions and refrain from all actions to prevent further damage from occurring, for example by continuing to use the goods.

    5. PARTS never warrants the absence of defects, which are the consequence of complying with any mandatory governmental laws and regulations regarding the nature or the quality of the raw materials and/or materials applied in the delivered goods.

    6. Should client file a warranty claim under this article and the claim is found to be justified by PARTS, PARTS shall at its discretion, replace the goods involved free of charge (after which the replaced goods shall become PARTS’s property) or repair them or give a price reduction.

    7. The handling of a claim shall not suspend the payment obligation of client.

    8. Defects in part of the delivery do not entitle client to refuse the entire order.

    9. Where apart from the cases described above, consideration is given by PARTS to a complaint, this shall be carried out entirely without obligation and client may not derive any rights therefrom.

    10. Any claim and/or defense, based upon facts that would justify the claim that the goods delivered do not comply with the agreement, expires one (1) year after the date of delivery.

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