Become a Truckparts1919 distributor is always looking for new markets and opportunities to expand. That is why we are constantly looking for (transport) companies to sell and (fine) distribute our products into their local markets.  We believe that proactive maintenance with quality parts and fluids is necessary to keep every vehicle reliable, safe and operational.

If you share this vision you should become a distributor.

In this role you will sell and distribute spare parts with our support into your local markets. Besides that we provide you and your workshop mechanics with training to improve technical skills. We want you to be successful in a world that is rapidly changing in technology to meet environmental demands.


This is how we work:

Agreement for at least 1 year (tacitly renewed)

Exclusivity in a designated area

Representative visible on our website

Your company quotes and invoices your customers quotes and invoices your company

Your company will earn an annual bonus based on turnover

Your company earns an annual marketing fee based on annual turnover

Your company will set up a distribution network with support of can provide training for your company

Your application to become a distributor for starts with your company profile, clear motivation and your business plan to be successful in your area.

Do you want to take on this opportunity?

Send your application to

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