Become a Truckparts1919 ambassador! is located in The Netherlands but operates on an international scale. That is why we are looking for boots on the ground and eyes in the field in every corner of the world to promote our company and products. We deliver new and used quality parts for the best known European truck makes against competitive prices. And that is what we want our ambassadors to represent: quality, reliability and availability. We are looking for dedicated, convincing people with knowledge of local markets and habits and experience in selling parts.

As an ambassador you write your own agenda and with Truckparts1919 as your partner, you build a stable network in your area or country. We provide you with marketing tools and material to help you promote the company and its products. You benefit from an area or country exclusivity and our established (Kleyn) network on which you can expand.



There are two ways of working together:

  1. Commission based ambassador (individual)

Agreement for at least 6 months (tacitly renewed)

Ambassador visible on our website with picture and e-mail*

Exclusivity in a designated area

You contact (potential) customers and collect information quotes and invoices your customer

You earn commission

Marketing tools and materials are provided

  1. Bonus based ambassador(company)

Agreement for at least 1 year (tacitly renewed)

Representative visible on our website with picture and e-mail*

Exclusivity in a designated area

Your company quotes and  invoices your customer quotes and invoices your company

Your company earns an annual bonus based on your turnover

Your company earns an annual marketing fee based on annual turnover


Your application to become an ambassador for starts with your clear motivation and your business plan to be successful in your area. If you are an individual, please add your resume.

Dare to take on this challenge?

Send your application to


*after first closed deal

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