In verband met de viering van het 100 jarig bestaan van onze moedermaatschappij Kleyn Trucks zijn wij beperkt bereikbaar op Donderdag 19 en Vrijdag 20 September a.s. Alle bestellingen worden maandag 23 September verwerkt. Wij vertrouwen op uw begrip hiervoor.

  Due to the celebration of 100 year anniversary of our mother company, Kleyn Trucks we have limited occupancy on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September. All placed orders will be processed on Monday 23 September. Thank you for your understanding.

  Pendant de célébration du centenaire de notre société mère, Kleyn Trucks, notre service est limitée Jeudi 19 et Vendredi 20 Septembre. Toutes les commandes passées seront traitées le Lundi 23 Septembre. Merci pour votre compréhension. Team


Truck & trailer parts specialistNew and used parts

Truck & trailer parts specialistNew and used parts

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Fuel System

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TruckParts1919 offers a wide variety of fuel tanks for sale.

Every truck has one fuel tank or more fuel tanks. These truck parts are like other truck parts and accessories subjected to wear. When you are in need of a new fuel tank for your truck, TruckParts1919 will be the right choice as truck parts supplier. Whether you are looking for a fuel tank for diesel trucks, spare oil tanks, a gas tank, an auxiliary fuel tank or custom fuel tanks, TruckParts1919 offers you the right replacement fuel tanks.

The variety in fuel tanks for sale at TruckParts1919 is diverse. If you already know what you need you can contact us to learn more about our best fuel tank prices. If you need some help deciding what the best fuel tank brands, fuel tank capacity and other fuel tank options are, let us know what kind of truck you have and we will help you out. No charge and without any obligation! Tell us, what kind of fuel tank are you looking for?

To find a good matching fuel tank online you need to know some important specs from your truck and have some knowledge about the different fuel tank brands that are on the market. Even if you need a fuel tank for light commercial vehicles like vans, some knowledge is essential. For example; Did you know that the diesel tank is also known as a gas tank, oil tank or diesel fuel tank? You will be looking for something that has different names. So how do you know what the best offer is? Well, before you start, ask yourself the following questions:


  •     - Do I need a short range fuel tank or long range fuel tanks?
  •     - What is the minimum fuel tank capacity that I need? A 150 gallons fuel tank or a 500 gallons fuel tank is a big difference.
  •     - Will it be a spare fuel tank or a replacement fuel tank?
  •     - Do I need a metal fuel tank or an aluminum fuel tank? Do I know what the difference is?
  •     - Is there a special fuel tank brand I want or I have heard of? You can think of; Moeller, Spectra and/or Acerbis fuel tanks.
  •     - And why do I like this brand?


Now you have some intel and you can start with your search here. If you prefere to be assisted by an expert, who gives you tailored advice and has knowledge about all the fuel tanks for trucks or vans fuel tanks, just give us a call or send an e-mail. We will help you out any way we can and provide you with all the answers you need.


How to install a fuel tank or different fuel tank parts?

You’ve ordered and received your fuel tank or fuel tank parts. The second step is to install it or repair your current fuel tank. Check the tools you need and make sure you have all the fuel tank parts to do the job. Safety is important with any installation or repair of a fuel tank. Therefore make sure it has been done correct and hire a mechanic if needed. This will result in the best fuel efficient trucks and saves you a lot of money, time and aggravation.

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